The 2024 General Assembly has concluded

Here is the list of IRSA elected Executive members

EC ChairmanBruce AndersenUSA
EC Vice ChairmanGlenn DawsonAUS
EC SecretaryJohn BallCAN
EC Publicity OfficerArt PruferCAN
Racing Committee ChairmanGordon DaviesIRL
Technical Committee ChairmanVacantVacant
Events Committee ChairmanPierre GonnetFRA
Regional Officer AmericasChuck LuscombUSA
Regional Officer OceaniaPhil PrydeNZL
Regional Officer EuropeGraham ElliotGBR

The 2024 General Assembly Process dates and requirements

Our 2024 General Assembly (GA) will take place on 30 April 2024.

Here are the important deadlines:

  • Notice of 2024 General Assembly – no later than 30 November 2024 (at least 20 weeks prior to GA)
  • Motions for the 2024 General Assembly – no later than 30 January 2024 (at least 12 weeks prior to GA)
  • All motions distributed to DNM’s and ICA Classes – no later than 15 February 2024 (within 2 weeks of closing date for acceptance of motions)
  • Nominations for Executive Officers – no later than 28 February (at least 8 weeks prior to GA)
  • Deadline for amendments to motions – 15 March 2024 (6 weeks prior to GA)
  • Agenda sent to Members – 30 March 2024 (4 weeks prior to GA)
  • Minutes distributed – no later than 30 June 2024

The IRSA belongs to the member nations and we urgently need your participation in the nomination of candidates for the IRSA Executive Committee.
All executive positions are up for election

The following incumbents are running for re-election:
EC Chairman
EC Vice Chairman
EC Publicity Officer
Racing Committee Chairman
Regional Officer Oceania
Events Committee Chairman

The following positions seek candidates:
EC Secretary
EC Treasurer
Technical Committee Chairman

<Updated 17 March 2024

This notice has been emailed to all member DNMs.

Website hosting server maintenance

The IRSA website hosting provider has indicated that they are doing maintenance on a back end server.
They have advised me that this will take place:

Start: 2023-10-12, 10:00 PM ET 
End:  2023-10-13, 01:00 AM ET

The website and forum may be unavailable during this time.

The IRSA web site and forum have been moved to a new hosting provider and platform

As of August 6, 2023 the domain is now hosted on a new service and platform.
Existing usernames and passwords for the forum have been migrated to this new platform.
The login link is now at the top of the right hand pane and can be used for forgotten passwords (reset).

This new hosting service provides improved management capabilities, including an email server for the @radiosailing domain at a reduced cost from the original hosting service. The website now runs on WordPress which is more easily supported than the original site.

2023 IRSA rules and regulations

The IRSA Executive Committee has discussed, ratified and updated the IRSA rules and regulations for 2023.

The primary change is to now allow inclusion of other classes to join IRSA, such as DF65, DF95 & RG65, with their existing class rules.

We are striving to make IRSA a more inclusive organization and this is one step towards that goal.