World Radio Sailing Trophies

World Radio Sailing Trophies

highlanderHighlander Trophy

International A Class World Championship

The Highlander Trophy was presented by David Coode to ISAF-RSD in 1993 by deed of gift.

The trophy is presented to the winner of the World Championship in the A class.

teamofthreeTeam of Three Trophy

The Team of Three trophy was donated by the International A Class Association and is presented to the winning team of three skippers as drawn from the entrants by the Race Officer.



International Marblehead World Championship

The Yachting World Trophy was donated by deed of gift to ISAF-RSD in 1986 by the Yachting World Magazine to be competed for at the World Championship for the Marblehead class.

The original Marblehead World Championship trophy was the South Africa Cup which was sailed for between 1978 and 1982. This trophy was returned to South Africa when sanctions were in place and the Yachting World Trophy took its place for the Marblehead World Championship.


south africa_cup


International One Metre World Championship

The South Africa Cup was originally presented by deed of gift in 1978 to the International Model Yacht Racing Union by the Model Yacht Association of South Africa (MYASA) to be awarded to the winner of the World Championship in the Radio Marblehead class. The trophy was competed for by the Marblehead class between 1978 and 1982 before being returned to South Africa in 1986 when sanctions were in place. The trophy was donated by the Distillers and Vinters of South Africa.

The newly renamed South Africa Radio Sailing Authority (SARSA) then re-donated the Cup in 1994 to ISAF-RSD to be presented to the World Champion of the International One Metre class.


canada cup


International Ten Rater Class World Championship

The Canada Cup was presented to the International Model Yacht Racing Association in 1975 by deed of gift from the newly formed Canadian Model Yachting Association. The trophy was to be competed for every 4 years at an international regatta for the International Ten Rater class.

The gift was originally initiated in 1973 by the membership of the Metro Marine Modellers of Toronto, Canada. The Metro Marine Modellers formed the Canadian Model Yachting Association in 1974 with initially 65 members.

The first international regatta for the Canada Cup was held at Gosport in the United Kingdom in 1975.