Race Management Policies for International Events (DNM Consultation Paper)

Race Management Policies for International Events (DNM Consultation Paper)

The IRSA Racing Committee has been working on adapting a widely used ISAF/World Sailing  document which sets out “Race Management Policies for International Events”. An initial draft of the proposed document is attached to this news.

This document gives guidelines to the race committee as to how they should endeavour to run racing at major international events. It may also provide useful indications to race officers at other events.

Important features of this policy document are:

  • guidelines on laying the course, starting, finishing and relaying the course if necessary;
  • guidelines on when to postpone racing or abandon during a heat;
  • clearly identifying who may advise the Principal Race Officer, and who, and when, he should consult.

This formalises current practice. It is intended that this document will evolve in light of experience at events. It is envisaged that by establishing clear policies on what we wish to achieve that this will serve as a framework for experimentation to develop new methods and practices to further improve the quality of racing.

DNM’s have been asked for Feedback by Thursday, 31st March 2016 please give them your comments and, most importantly, your suggestions for improving this document.

The Racing Committee