Addendum Q update

Addendum Q update

A proposal in the Executive Committee to add in IRSA Addendum Q:

Q1.1 (g) After the first sentence of rule 20.1 add ‘The competitor controlling the boat shall hail ‘(her own sail number) room to tack.’

Had been approved. The final tally of votes was:

Yes (8 ): RO Oceania, EC Secretary, TC Chairman, EC Vice Chairman, OP Chairman, RO Europe, RC Chairman, EC Chairman
No (0): No votes
Abstain (0): No votes
Not present: RO Americas, EC Treasurer, Publicity Office

The amended version of Addendum Q, as approved by Executive Committee is now ready for publication. The new version differs only from the previous version:

  • by the inclusion of the agreed text
  • by updating the manner in which racing rules are referred to in line with the 2017 Rule Book – the convention is no longer to refer to rule 10 but to RRS 10.
  • by incorporating the current logos

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