Working Party Appendix E of WS Racing Rules

Working Party Appendix E of WS Racing Rules

A Working Party was agreed on between WS and the IRSA to discuss matters around the AppE development for the next generation of WS Racing Rules.

IRSA has the following elected representatives helping the WS Working Party on Appendix E to decide on changes for the next publication of the Racing Rules.

  • Lester Gilbert (GBR)
  • Graham Bantock (GBR)
  • Nigel Winkley (GER)

As outcome there are several submissions on the Agenda for now running Annual Conference


Appendices E, F and G[24374].pdf
Appendix E – Housekeeping[24375].pdf[24375].pdf 
Rules E1.3 & E2.1[24376].pdf
New Rule E2.1(c)[24377].pdf[24377].pdf