New IRSA Executive Committee

New IRSA Executive Committee

as during the last annual meeting there were only two officers available/elected to the executive committee. The members voted now during extra urgent meeting for a new executive committee. 

As per the cut off (September 11) date we have the following nominations:

(1) The Chair of the EC =                                      Bruce Andersen / USA
(2) The Secretary =                                               Pierre Parent / FRA
(3) The Chair of the Racing Rules Committee =   Gordon Davies / IRL
(4) The Chair of the Events Committee =              Pierre Gonnet / FRA
(5) The Regional Officers for Americas =              Chuck Millican / USA

As all position are not contested the respective positions are elected by acclamation. 

The following positions have been appointed by the EC

(1) The Vice Chair of the EC =                               John Ball / CAN
(2) The Chair of the Technical Committee =          Vangelis Simonaidis / GRE
(3) The Publicity Officer =                                       Art Prufer / CAN
(4) The Regional Officers for Oceania =                 Lindsay Wlaker / AUS

The following positions remain vacant at this point:

(1) The Treasurer

(2) The Regional Officers for Europe