New Member Malaysia Sailing Association MSA

We have received an application for IRSA membership from the Malaysian Sailing Association. They are an ISAF MNA, and so meet the requirements of Articles 5.1 and 5.2 of our Constitution.

The Malaysia Sailing Association application to become a member of International Radio Sailing Association has been considered by the Executive Committee and unanimously accepted.

We would like to welcome the MSA to the IRSA membership and look forward to assisting them and their organisation in promoting and developing the sport of radio sailing.

Twin M and 10R World Championships 2020

The bid for the 2020 Twin World Championships has been awarded to West Kirby, Great Britain.

Both nominations were very strong and had a variety of factors about them. As a result it has taken some time to arrive at a decision.

The IRSA would like to thank the Castiglione del Lago team and the Italian national member for their time and effort with this bid. It is a good sign for our sport and please be encouraged to nominate again in the future.

Revision of the 10R Class Rules

October 2018 revision of the 10R Class Rules has been done based on the DNM for GBR submission for a formal proposal to change J.1 (a) of the class rules to clear up the issue with swing rigs not complying with the class rules unless both (or all) the headsail spars are included in the rig area measurement.  


New edition of the 10R Class Rules, Measurement forms and certificate and  Sail Measurement Procedure – A suggested method valid from 1 November 2018  have been published on the IRSA website.

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Working Party Appendix E of WS Racing Rules

A Working Party was agreed on between WS and the IRSA to discuss matters around the AppE development for the next generation of WS Racing Rules.

IRSA has the following elected representatives helping the WS Working Party on Appendix E to decide on changes for the next publication of the Racing Rules.

  • Lester Gilbert (GBR)
  • Graham Bantock (GBR)
  • Nigel Winkley (GER)

As outcome there are several submissions on the Agenda for now running Annual Conference


Appendices E, F and G[24374].pdf
Appendix E – Housekeeping[24375].pdf[24375].pdf 
Rules E1.3 & E2.1[24376].pdf
New Rule E2.1(c)[24377].pdf[24377].pdf