IRSA Race Management Policies

IRSA Race Management Policies

The IRSA Race Management Policies for Major Events are now available on the IRSA Website.

This document proposes policies for race management at major radio sailing events, including IRSA International Class World and Continental Championships, international championships of other classes and other international events. Organizers of other events may wish to follow or adapt these policies.

The intention of this document is to deal only with Course Management – laying the course, starting, finishing and other tasks on the water. It may well be that, in the future, it proves necessary to set out policies regarding other aspects of the Race Committee’s responsibilities – scoring, heat scheduling, equipment inspection etc.

By defining what competitors can expect when travelling to an event, and setting out what event organizers are expected to provide, this document defines an achievable standard for those major events that are a key part of the continued development of radio sailing.

The policies aim to define outcomes rather than prescribe methods. This is not a race management manual. Thus, for instance, a target is set that boats be evenly spread along the start line. How the course management team go about achieving this target will depend upon circumstances. At times 5° of bias at the port end of the line may achieve the desired outcome. At other times, for instance when one side of the course is advantaged, more bias may be necessary.