Provisional NANO Class

Provisional NANO Class

NanoSwing2Objectives/fundamentals of NANO class:
Sailors are quite likely and able to build the majority of their own boat.
Low cost/low tech helped by choice of class rules
Hull and associated structural parts may only be made by 3D printing
Simple hull/boat measurement
No certification or registration – sail number will be the competitor’s or owner’s personal number – only event measurement
Draught/length ratio not so large that fin technology rules – 0.45 max?
Tightly controlled rig height and number of rigs
No sail area measurement

Class bounded by the following class rules: Closed class rules for hull, otherwise Open class rules

Monohull only 20170406 084752
Usual prohibitions on cameras, on board computers etc

Max overall length restriction – 500 mm
Length and draught restriction as per the M Class system
Hull structure construction restricted to 3D printed
Painting or coating of hull for waterproofing purposes permitted on inside or outside

No restriction on foil materials except nothing denser than lead

A maximum of three rigs (una or sloop) for an event
No rig or sail area measurement
Mast spar per rig restricted to one
Cantilevered mast spar restricted to round section
Rotating mast spars permitted to be non-round section
Boom spars un-restricted in section or number
No rig parts outboard of the hull when sheeted to centreline
No shrouds permitted on cantilevered masts

Sails 20170420 164447.jpg mop
Minimum sail film thickness
Each mainsail luff length restricted to be between a suitable max and min

Possible additional rules
Luff length of headsail also restricted

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