Given the actions taken by Russia and Belarus against Ukraine, IRSA issues the following

The International Radio Sailing Association (IRSA) joins the International Olympic Committee and World Sailing in taking the decision to suspend participation of Russian and Belarusian sailors and officials from taking part in any competitions sanctioned by the IRSA until further notice, and strongly urges our DNM’s, Class Associations, affiliated bodies and all event organisers to take similar action

Historic News: Independent Marblehead and Tenrater International Class Associations have been formed.

They will now be responsible for all matters related to the classes. A foundation membership has developed for each but any other National Class Association or National Class Secretary is welcome to apply for membership. Their sites can be found here:

After many years as Class Associations within the IRSA, the Marblehead (IMCA) and the TenRater (ITCA) Class are now fully operational as an International Class Association. The last part was the separation and agreement with the IRSA on an Associate Membership. This gives the new associations the ability to now determine its own future including the development and promotion of international events like Regional and World Championships.

IMCA with name small        ITCA with name small

General Assembly 2020

Our 2020 GA has come to a close.
Thank you Selywn for preparing everything for us. You make it look easy!
Thanks to Graham Bantock for running for Events Chairman.
Thanks Glenn Dawson for all the great work you did as RO Oceania.
Welcome our new members Phil Holliday as Treasurer, and Lindsay Walker as RO Oceania.
Thanks to all that took the time to participate.

Steve Landeau

In Memorium – Barry Fox

It is with a heavy heart that I am notifying fellow sailors of the recent passing of Mr. Barry Fox on Sunday morning February 16th after a year long battle with Pancreatic Cancer. His three children were with him, and his passing was peaceful.

When first diagnosed, Barry was given three months, but responded well to treatment that gave us an additional year with him. He was working right to the end on CRYA and IOM activities as Western Region Director and as IOM Class Secretary.

Barry’s influence and contribution extended far outside the borders of Canada. Barry was a long-time member of the IOM ICA Executive, serving as its Secretary for many years and his administrative support to radio sailing, diligent attention to detail, selflessness, and humor will be genuinely missed by all that knew him.

There is more on Barry with personal comments from around the world on the CRYA Web site

John Ball 
Regional Officer Americas