IOMICA Executive Board updates and Events

This was just posted on the FaceBook IOMICA page now:

We would like to share some updates that we have been finalizing recently. Our Executive board got some changes with new fresh members on board, so let us all please congratulate Mr Michel Roure on his new position as Secretary. He is there instead of Mr Gary Boell who had his 8 years of service helping the IOM class so we thank him wholeheartedly for that indeed. On the previously vacant position of Measurement now sits Mr Jørn Hoelsæther who will help all of you with the measurements field of work needed for the functionality of the IOM class. Here is the updated link on the current structure of Exec.board:
But also, maybe you didn’t notice our new Events page with the Events Calendar we provided for you, so here it is:
Right now, only Europeans, Worlds and Nationals will be posted, but we are preparing ways for all other IOM class events to be added furthermore. If you have any updates on currently uploaded events, do not hesitate to contact us here or via our Events VC Mr Rob Walsh and we will gladly upload them so all of you can see more news about upcoming IOM regattas and plan your yearly schedule accordingly.

IMCA/ITCA 2023 Marblehead and 10R World Championships.

The IMCA and ITCA Executive have decided to hold off commitment to filling the places in the 2023 twin World Championships until the end of 2022.

This will allow for the National Organisations who have yet to finalise their Membership with either the IMCA or ITCA or both, to be completed. Please do not leave this to the last minute because it can take up to a month to be finalised.

A Membership to the IMCA and ITCA guarantee a proper allocation of competitor entry positions based on the Championship Rules. Non-member entries will have to rely on the small number of “invitation” positions for special cases.

This delay will expire on the 31st of December 2022.

New IRSA Executive Committee

as during the last annual meeting there were only two officers available/elected to the executive committee. The members voted now during extra urgent meeting for a new executive committee. 

As per the cut off (September 11) date we have the following nominations:

(1) The Chair of the EC =                                      Bruce Andersen / USA
(2) The Secretary =                                               Pierre Parent / FRA
(3) The Chair of the Racing Rules Committee =   Gordon Davies / IRL
(4) The Chair of the Events Committee =              Pierre Gonnet / FRA
(5) The Regional Officers for Americas =              Chuck Millican / USA

As all position are not contested the respective positions are elected by acclamation. 

The following positions have been appointed by the EC

(1) The Vice Chair of the EC =                               John Ball / CAN
(2) The Chair of the Technical Committee =          Vangelis Simonaidis / GRE
(3) The Publicity Officer =                                       Art Prufer / CAN
(4) The Regional Officers for Oceania =                 Lindsay Wlaker / AUS

The following positions remain vacant at this point:

(1) The Treasurer

(2) The Regional Officers for Europe

ITCA/IMCA World Championship 2023

This started with the competing bids between ITA and GBR for the world championship in 2020. Some people may remember the presentations during the M/10R world championship in Biblis 2018. Then Covid crashed every plan and the world championship in GBR 2020 was cancelled. The Italian crew nevertheless continued their work and planned for an European Championship in 2021 which was approved. But again because of Covid it was postponed first to 2021 and then to 2022. In parallel IOMICA moved its events around to get something up during these Covid times. A lot of background mail traffic was going between all the organizations involved and this has led to a new approach which can now be announced:

  • To avoid 3 world championships (IOMICA and ITCA/IMCA combined event) in one year
  • In the future return to one year of IOMICA worlds and one year for IMCA ITCA worlds
  • Covid forced the Italian Management team to move the event to 2023

The ITCA/IMCA Executive Committee therefor asked the Italian Management Team to change the 2023 event to an World Championship to come back to the proposed schedule and they accepted this approach.

So, we can announce now again a combined World Championship in Marblehead and Ten Rater Class in Italy

Castiglione del Lago, Italy

April 23rd to May 3rd, 2023

further information will come soon when website and more information is ready to publish.

Given the actions taken by Russia and Belarus against Ukraine, IRSA issues the following

The International Radio Sailing Association (IRSA) joins the International Olympic Committee and World Sailing in taking the decision to suspend participation of Russian and Belarusian sailors and officials from taking part in any competitions sanctioned by the IRSA until further notice, and strongly urges our DNM’s, Class Associations, affiliated bodies and all event organisers to take similar action